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CBBA-Europe press release announcing campaign on mental health, September 2021

CBBA-Europe announces its upcoming campaign to handle and face mental health matters in Europe and its tremendous effects on millions of European workers especially as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Impact of COVID on employees’ mood: a national poll commissioned by WorkPlace Options, June 2020

The COVID pandemic is not only causing physical healthcare, economic or political issues, but it is also affecting the mental health of millions of employees.

CBBA-Europe answer to the EIOPA’s Consultation Paper on the proposed approaches and considerations for EIOPA’s Technical Advice, Implementing and Regulatory Technical Standards under Regulation (EU) 2019/1238 on a Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP), March 2020

The EIOPA’s consultation mainly focused on several issues including the format of the information documents; the way how to present the pension product’s performances; on how to measure the risks; the PEPP supervision between home state and host state authorities; the scope of the cost-cap for the basic PEPP; the best possible approaches to risk mitigation techniques; and the possible use of technology such as robo-advice.

CBBA-Europe Communication on the withdrawal of United Pensions from The Netherlands due to the Dutch provisions aimed at hampering the cross-border activities in its territory , November 2019

The new Dutch provisions referred to cross-border activities of IORPs produced their first victim and hence urgently need to be challenged by the EU Institutions.

Position paper on possible legal inconsistency with EU provisions of the additional requirement of providing information on the coverage ratio of a foreigner pension fund operating in another member state (host state) according to the national parameters of the host state, March 2019

CBBA Europe recommends European authorities to remain vigilant on the current transposition of the IORP 2 Directive by National Competent Authorities (NCAs) in order to ensure that they fully respect the single market rules.

CBBA-Europe position paper on article 12(3) IORP 2 Directive, January 2019

Super-majority requirements of members and beneficiaries cannot be defined by member states in order to approve cross border transfers. Otherwise, such requirements would infringe both the overall spirit of the IORP 2 Directive and the general principles of EU law.

Reflection paper on new strategies for decumulation and some advice for the policy makers, April 2019

CBBA-Europe Review July, 2018